Monday, 25 May 2009

Jays, Damsel Flies and Unwanted Visitors

This weekend we had the great thrill of seeing a jay in Rainbow Wood. We have occasionally seen them when we've been on holiday in Cornwall, but to see a jay so near home was wonderful.

We also have lots of damsel flies with their bright blue iridescent bodies in stark contrast to the vivid green of the leaves of this year's spring growth.

The family of blue tits nesting in our bird box have succesfully fledged this weekend, too. We didn't actually see them go, but we are pleased to have been able to provide a home for at least one family of these beautiful birds.

Last week we also discovered that we have a crab apple tree, and it's fruiting. That'll provide lots of apples for winter birds that stay in the wood.

On a slightly more disturbing note, we had someone 'visit' on Saturday night and vandalise one of the ash trees by carving a rather stupid face into the bark. They also left us their discarded food wrappers and drinks bottle. We don't mind uninvited visitors provided they respect the space we have created and respect the trees and wildlife.

The last job of the weekend was to walk the perimeter to check for wind damaged trees and overhanging branches. All was well.

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