Monday, 29 June 2009

Tree Creepers

This last weekend we camped over in Rainbow Wood with a couple of friends, Jen and Chris. We had a really wonderful time basking in the warmth of one of those rare balmy summer's evenings. As the sun set we marvelled at the crows returning to their favourite trees to roost, wheeling and calling until the last few arrived and settled.

Unfortunately, sometime in the early hours (it was still dark) an intruder alarm was set off in the far distance. It was loud enough though to keep me awake for an hour or two until it fell quiet. As compensation, the dawn chorus started at first light, gathering momentum and rising to a crescendo as the Sun rose.

At breakfast, cooked over an open fire, we sat and watched a tree creeper going about its business looking for insects whilst performing acrobatics on the trunk of an ash tree.

And Jack the Dog came, too...

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