Sunday, 27 September 2009

Birds nests and hornets

On Saturday (26th September 2009) we spent time putting up four new bird boxes (with 35mm apertures). We also opened the two boxes we had put up last March. One we know had been used to raise a family of bluetits, and inside we found a beautiful mattress of mosses and feathers. In the other we found two dead hornets – possibly the reason that the box wasn’t used for nesting.

Our friend Chris came over for tea during the morning, bringing Jack the dog with her. Chris brought Tunnocks with her, too – yummy!

We spent some time looking at where we want to start coppicing at the end of October, and have decided that a good place would be toward the north side, about half way along.

We also had a walk around the outside and took photos of the black bryony.

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